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Email Marketing One on One Class

Do you want to start a mailing list?Do you want to do email marketing?Do you wonder what you would do with a mailing list?Do you have a mailing list but don't know how to go about communicating with your subscribers?  But first, what is a mailing list? It is simply a list of people who have shown interest in your products/services. It usually contains details such as names, email address, gender, phone number, etc depending on the type of data you collect and what you use it for. Why do you need a mailing list? You need a mailing list for email marketing.  What is email marketing? Email marketing simply means sending messages to a group of people with the overall aim of converting them to paying customers. Also, sending messages to those who are already your customers is considered as email marketing.  Why email marketing? Most people check their mailbox several times a day and your email will be seen at any time unlike social media where your post might be lost in the news feedIt…

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